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138 Years of Packaging Expertise:

130 Years of Packaging ExpertiseFounded in 1877, Greif has anticipated change and continued to stay ahead of customers' needs.
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Product Spotlight:

DoubleGreen™ Jerry Can

The DoubleGreen™ COEX 10-liter plastic jerry can is one of the first sustainable multilayer 10-liter plastic jerry cans made from a renewable resource, sugarcane, with a stackable design that eliminates the need for a carton during transport.

Recently recognized with the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Sustainability Award, the DoubleGreen jerry can incorporates polyethylene that is derived from sugarcane ethanol and exceeds 50 percent of the total packaging composition. Greif’s efficient manufacturing process requires less material in the production of the jerry can, reducing its weight for shipping even as it maintains the same compression strength as heavier containers. Its stackable design for shipping directly on transport pallets improves inventory management cost, removes the necessity for printing a duplicate label and optimizes the recycling process. Furthermore, DoubleGreen is UN certified, which means that Greif’s customers will not need to worry about managing or paying for the UN Certification process themselves.

For more information, contact Gustavo Melo, +55 11 5694 9798, email Gustavo.Melo@greif.comRead the full news release here...