140 Years
50+ Countries Around the World

Greif's position as the world leader in industrial packaging
comes from the hard work and innovation of our employees around the world.

We conceive, design, support, manufacture and sell the packaging products essential to transporting countless things you use on a daily basis.

The paint used to give your house a new look most likely was originally transported in one of our steel drums.
The bag that holds the dog food you bought at the store probably was manufactured at one of our global facilities.
Even bulk quantities of your favorite condiments are safely shipped around the world in one of our packaging solutions.

We make industrial packaging that keeps products safe, and we have built a solid reputation
for being the best in the world at doing it.

The Greif Way

Our success is attributable to our culture. We call it the Greif Way,
and it's based on the ethic of reciprocity: treat others how
you want to be treated.

This basic, yet perfect principle has established a working environment at Greif
where our employees work in a safe, collaborative environment,
and our customers trust us to do what is right—every time.

We're a company that cares about its employees. And, their families. Every single one of them,
in every country we operate in. This may seem like a silly notion for a company our size, but it's true.
Just ask any of our employees, in any location, in any of the 50 countries in which we operate.

Greif cares.


A product that impacts the world

At first glance, packaging may not seem like the most exciting industry in the world, but think about it. The things people use daily are our responsibility. From Germany to Ohio to Brazil to Pakistan to China, our products play an integral role in the global economy of transporting products around the world.

This role requires a global workforce spanning 50 countries, with each employee connected through a shared culture and dedication to being the best at what we do.

Working for Greif brings a level of excitement to a career not found many other places. Our employees work for the industry leader, work on projects for some of the largest, most recognized companies, and work with colleagues around the world.

Responsible to the communities we live and work.

Greif delivers the total package to its customers and employees, all while maintaining a focus on sustainability. Efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our products are evident throughout our operations, beginning with product development and ending with recycling and recovery of used materials and products.

We also care about those in need.

Our talented employees design more than innovative industrial packaging. They also design innovative solutions for humanity. Our PackH2O™ water backpack is helping to ease the burden of water transport in developing countries. Our smart employees developed a simple solution to a complex problem and improved the lives for women and children by lightening their load by up to seven times.

Who We Are Looking For

Greif is a big company that cares. We're also a global company.
But that doesn't mean we're crippled by bureaucracy.

In fact, we abhor the red tape that so often prevents things from getting done. Have an idea? Tell us.
Have a better way to do something. Show us. Have an efficiency to gain? Implement it.

We recruit professionals in Engineering, Finance, Forestry, Human Resources, Information Technology,
Operations and Production, Plant Management, Sales, Supply Chain and Sourcing
that thrive in this type of working environment.

We're a company of doers. We work hard, treat each other with the utmost respect and succeed
at delivering industrial packaging solutions to some of the largest companies around the world.

Thriving Through Diversity

"We encourage and embrace our diversity of culture,
language, location and thought. Our differences define
but do not divide us; our common interests unite us.
From the many, we are one, we are Greif."

Diversity is an integral part of who we are, how we operate and how we see the future. We encourage and embrace our diversity of culture, language, location and thought. We believe that one of our great strengths is the rich diversity of our employees and recognize that organizational performance is greatly enhanced when people with different backgrounds and perspectives are engaged in the Company's activities and decision-making process.